Rubrics Analysis: Calculate Your Assignment Scores Beforehand


The easiest way to submit good assignments and be sure of your score even before the paper is graded is by knowing the rubrics system used for grading inside out. While your college or instructor may have some variations or specific requirements, this article will help you understand the key terms and basics of analyzing a rubric. Rubrics Analysis: Calculate Your Assignment Scores Beforehand When...

Writing Tricks for College Students: Challenges and Solutions


The most common complaint from college students is that “I was a good writer, even one of the best in my school, but it’s not enough here in college and I do not know what I am missing out on!” If you are one of the students stuck with this issue, then this article is surely for you. First, let us get to the differences between college and school level writing. Your college...

Online Learning Platforms: Student Perspectives


Education has achieved its next benchmark my making it available online to students and a complete surge of online courses in the past decade. There are three parties involved in this market, the vendors providing the platform, the students using them and the instructors This article deals with the perspectives from students utilizing online education. There are many levels of online portion of...

Online Learning Platforms: Advantages and Criticisms


We currently face some new issues and questions regarding the validity of online education lately and this article shall discuss them in reference to solutions provided by various online platforms. The online education system has broadened the horizons of reach and availability to thus far unreached groups of learners. However, it has its own challenges and issues to be observed and resolved. The...

The Benefits of Modern Learning Tools : A Brief Analysis


The need for learning tools is as ancient as learning itself. With the evolving leaps of technology, the learning needs, tools and support has evolved as well. The introduction of online and web based learning platforms including online courses, exams, access cards, e-textbooks, virtual classrooms and a hundred other amenities to make education more accessible has lead to a matching set of...

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